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Thursday, February 20

8:00am MST

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From Grades to Growth: Assessment to Support our Most Vulnerable Students Macleod Hall E3Alberta Assessment Consortium Planning Shouldn't Be This Difficult - Project Credits for CTS Teachers Glen 209Carmen Wasylynuik • Trevor Wasylynuik Surface Dyslexia: The Uncommon Reading Disability Telus 105Kathryn Burke Teaching About Sexuality and Relationships to Students with Diverse Abilities Telus 104Heather Cobb • Sexual and Reproductive Health Alberta Health Services How Developing Artistic Habits of Mind Enhanced Student Writing: A Case Study in Grade 3 Glen 203Barbara Calabrese Tips & Tricks to Tackle Writer's Workshop Glen 208Sarah MacGregor Exploring Creativity Telus 107Michael Shain Teaching About Residential Schools Telus 101/102Kerry Aiken Conscience phonolo…quoi? Conscience phoné..quoi? Glen 205Julie Vaillancourt Les Fondements en carrières et technologies (FCT) - une expérience pédagogique revitalisante! CoLab(Former Telus 111)Mireille Cloutier • Caroline Bilodeau • Marie-Eve Boily Activating Prior Knowledge: The True Art of Integrating Think Alouds Macleod Hall E1 PLAY ON WORDS - Primary Literacy Games Glen 206Jane Felling Take Action for Reconciliation: Responding to the Calls to Action in Alberta’s Elementary Classrooms Telus 109Lowa Beebe Using Best Practices to Teach Writing in the Elementary Classroom: Launch Pads and Safety Nets Macleod Hall E4Ashley McPherson (PRE-REG) A1: Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games Ideation 4Duane Sovyn • Justin Acierto Shifting the Focus For Professional Development in Health and Physical Education Glen 204David Chorney • Darren Dornstauder Teaching Human Sexuality in Your School Telus 108Sexual and Reproductive Health Alberta Health Services • Christine Sturgeon (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Adaptations and Biodiversity through the Canadian Wilds Off-Site - Location in DescriptionJen Duffy • Tijana Selak If it bleeds it’s biology; If it stinks it’s chemistry; and if it doesn’t work it’s physics! Telus 106Barry Edgar Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Telus 103Nathan Forsyth Human Library Glen 201/20210 speakers for human library (PRE-REG) First Steps to Psychologically Safer Schools: Elevate your Conversational Intelligence Macleod Hall E2Robynn Stirrett (PRE-REG) Teaching the Holocaust in the Middle Years and Beyond Telus 110Lindsay Anderson Poster Session - Pre-service teachers from the Werklund School of Education Ideation 2/3Pre-service teachers from the Werklund School of Education

1:00pm MST

1:15pm MST

What Great Leaders Do Differently Macleod Hall ATodd Whitaker Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Assessing for Big Ideas in a Concept-Based Classroom Macleod Hall E3Alberta Assessment Consortium Unsticking the Stuck: Career Counselling With Meaning Imperial 3Vincent Mireau How to work with students with Oppositional Defiance Disorder Imperial 2Connie Jakab Learning Disabilities: Critical Concepts Telus 105Kathryn Burke Les troubles d’apprentissage : les concepts clés Macleod Hall E4Ashley McPherson Explore, Create and Play! (Free, engaging, hands-on tools for your classroom) Ideation 1Chris Gonsalvez Teaching Beyond the Facts: Empowering Students through PBL & Conceptual-Based Learning CoLab(Former Telus 111)Michelle Bechthold Thinking Strategies - English/Social Studies 5-12 Glen 209Jody Moore • Lauren Condrashoff Contemporary Issues in Music Education (Open Forum) Exhibition Hall ELael Johnston Les stratégies de littératie multidisciplinaires; un outil efficace d’enseignement Glen 205Julie Vaillancourt Mettez votre école en valeur grâce aux médias numériques Imperial 5Eric Caron Connecting Against All Odds Glen 208Rita Kruger Trauma Informed Practice- Safe, Supportive and Self Regulated Classrooms Macleod Hall DMichelle Dow Your Pension Matters Telus 108Dana Adams Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Glen 206Jane Felling Using the Math Minds RaPID Model to Meet Diverse Needs in the Math Classroom Telus 103Martina Metz How to learn to like "that" kid (Part 1) Imperial 8Katharine Chapman • Adriana Sorbo • Jenny Porter (PRE-REG) A2: Roll for Initiative... Cooperative Games for Students Ideation 4Duane Sovyn • Justin Acierto Looking Ahead – By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers Imperial 7Amanda Shaw Building Relationships with Parents for Positive Sport Environments Imperial 9Leigh Bretzlaff Scare Tactics Don’t Work! Teaching about Safer Sex Telus 104Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Alberta Health Services • Carlie McPhee (PRE-REG) Prayer Blankets- Surrounding those in Need in Prayer Imperial 4Stacey MacNeil Let The Sparks Fly! Telus 106Barry Edgar Speaking Proposal 1 - Nationalism in the Contemporary World - The Balancing Act in Iraq Imperial 1Kenton Zandee • Gavin John Human Library Glen 201/202Nadine Russell (PRE-REG) ROBOT FIGHTING! - Competitive Engineering for Middle/High School Imperial 6Curtis Arends Through Autism Glasses Macleod Hall CKitty Parlby (PRE-REG) Staff Sense: Make and Take Glen 203Tashina Mackenzie Writers Workshop using Indigenous Perspectives Macleod Hall BDonna Ross • Lorrie Morales (PRE-REG) Literacy & Numeracy through Land-Based Learning Off-Site - Location in DescriptionAndrea Barnes • Claire Petursson Games to Connect Literacy and Math Macleod Hall E1Wanda Dechant • Kim Tackaberry Strength Based Approaches for Mental Health in the Elementary Classroom Glen 204Krystal Abrahamowicz (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Nature Play Risks and Rewards CANCELLED Off-Site - Location in DescriptionJen Duffy • Cassia Warner (PRE-REG) Bring Food Sustainability to Life Off-Site - Location in DescriptionAustin Lang (PRE-REG) Young Computational Thinkers: Unplugged Coding in K-6 Telus 109Candace Beaton

2:45pm MST

Have You Shifted Your Monkey Today? Macleod Hall ATodd Whitaker Revive a School, Save a Community Macleod Hall E2Kevin Van Lagen The Things We Say --Leading Teacher Learning Ideation 1Chris Gonsalvez Authentic Performance Tasks in Kindergarten Telus 105Jaclyn Szott Is This for Marks? Changing the Assessment Culture in a High School Classroom Macleod Hall E3Alberta Assessment Consortium Helping Stressed-Out Overachievers Imperial 3Vincent Mireau How to work with students with ADHD Imperial 2Connie Jakab Classroom Design; Not Just a Seating Arrangement Telus 110Lindsay Anderson Growing Up Professional Ideation 4Monique Gravel S.O.S. (Survival, Organization, and Success) – Strategies for Beginning Teachers Glen 208Greg Overguard The World Needs More Thinkers: Using Thinking Routines to Develop Understanding and Deepen Student Learning in Grade 3 Telus 107Cathy King • Barbara Calabrese • Krista Mace Les 15 enseignements du tipi et les enseignements sacrés Imperial 5Eric Caron • Ekti Margaret Cardinal • David McConnell Des pistes de décollage et des filets de sauvetage: mettre en oeuvre les meilleures pratiques pour enseigner l’écriture Macleod Hall E4Ashley McPherson La lecture guidée à chaque journée! Glen 205Sarah Caldwell • Emily Mattison Our Journey navigating school-wide initiative of Positive Behaviour Intervention Supports (PBIS) Imperial 7Stephanie Driver • Kim Larson Increasing Student Resilience Macleod Hall DMichelle Dow You've Got to Connect! Building Relationships to Motivate, Engage and Encourage Students Telus 101/102Shanley Nguyen Reading Fair: Sparking Passion for Books Telus 103Dana Johnston • Vicki Black Oh the Math that They`ll Know - Kindergarten Math Games Glen 206Jane Felling Teacher Exchange - Australia CoLab(Former Telus 111)Jim Cove Fresh Ideas for Awards and Recognition in Your School and Athletics Program Imperial 9Dave Wooldridge Nature and your brain: Why children need risky outdoor play Glen 209David Chorney People, Parts and Processes: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusive Sexuality Education Telus 104Sexual and Reproductive Health Alberta Health Services • Christine Sturgeon (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: My Future is Wild Off-Site - Location in DescriptionJen Duffy Discovering the Invisible – Infrared and Ultraviolet Telus 106Barry Edgar Topics in Modern Physics Imperial 8Michelle Connor • Tara Cunningham Rejections of Liberalism - Helping to Understand Extremist Sentiments Imperial 1Kenton Zandee • Gavin John Human Library Glen 201/202Nadine Russell