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Thursday, February 20






From Grades to Growth: Assessment to Support our Most Vulnerable Students Macleod Hall E3 Planning Shouldn't Be This Difficult - Project Credits for CTS Teachers Glen 209 Surface Dyslexia: The Uncommon Reading Disability Telus 105 Teaching About Sexuality and Relationships to Students with Diverse Abilities Telus 104 How Developing Artistic Habits of Mind Enhanced Student Writing: A Case Study in Grade 3 Glen 203 Tips & Tricks to Tackle Writer's Workshop Glen 208 Exploring Creativity Telus 107 Teaching About Residential Schools Telus 101/102 Conscience phonolo…quoi? Conscience phoné..quoi? Glen 205 Les Fondements en carrières et technologies (FCT) - une expérience pédagogique revitalisante! CoLab(Former Telus 111) Activating Prior Knowledge: The True Art of Integrating Think Alouds Macleod Hall E1 PLAY ON WORDS - Primary Literacy Games Glen 206 Take Action for Reconciliation: Responding to the Calls to Action in Alberta’s Elementary Classrooms Telus 109 Using Best Practices to Teach Writing in the Elementary Classroom: Launch Pads and Safety Nets Macleod Hall E4 (PRE-REG) A1: Not Monopoly... Engaging Students Using Unorthodox Board Games Ideation 4 Shifting the Focus For Professional Development in Health and Physical Education Glen 204 Teaching Human Sexuality in Your School Telus 108 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Adaptations and Biodiversity through the Canadian Wilds Off-Site - Location in Description If it bleeds it’s biology; If it stinks it’s chemistry; and if it doesn’t work it’s physics! Telus 106 Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement Telus 103 Human Library Glen 201/202 (PRE-REG) First Steps to Psychologically Safer Schools: Elevate your Conversational Intelligence Macleod Hall E2 (PRE-REG) Teaching the Holocaust in the Middle Years and Beyond Telus 110 Poster Session - Pre-service teachers from the Werklund School of Education Ideation 2/3



What Great Leaders Do Differently Macleod Hall A Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! Assessing for Big Ideas in a Concept-Based Classroom Macleod Hall E3 Unsticking the Stuck: Career Counselling With Meaning Imperial 3 How to work with students with Oppositional Defiance Disorder Imperial 2 Learning Disabilities: Critical Concepts Telus 105 Les troubles d’apprentissage : les concepts clés Macleod Hall E4 Explore, Create and Play! (Free, engaging, hands-on tools for your classroom) Ideation 1 Teaching Beyond the Facts: Empowering Students through PBL & Conceptual-Based Learning CoLab(Former Telus 111) Thinking Strategies - English/Social Studies 5-12 Glen 209 Contemporary Issues in Music Education (Open Forum) Exhibition Hall E Les stratégies de littératie multidisciplinaires; un outil efficace d’enseignement Glen 205 Mettez votre école en valeur grâce aux médias numériques Imperial 5 Connecting Against All Odds Glen 208 Trauma Informed Practice- Safe, Supportive and Self Regulated Classrooms Macleod Hall D Your Pension Matters Telus 108 Buddy Teachers + Buddy Classrooms = Math Success Glen 206 Using the Math Minds RaPID Model to Meet Diverse Needs in the Math Classroom Telus 103 How to learn to like "that" kid (Part 1) Imperial 8 (PRE-REG) A2: Roll for Initiative... Cooperative Games for Students Ideation 4 Looking Ahead – By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers Imperial 7 Building Relationships with Parents for Positive Sport Environments Imperial 9 Scare Tactics Don’t Work! Teaching about Safer Sex Telus 104 (PRE-REG) Prayer Blankets- Surrounding those in Need in Prayer Imperial 4 Let The Sparks Fly! Telus 106 Speaking Proposal 1 - Nationalism in the Contemporary World - The Balancing Act in Iraq Imperial 1 Human Library Glen 201/202 (PRE-REG) ROBOT FIGHTING! - Competitive Engineering for Middle/High School Imperial 6 Through Autism Glasses Macleod Hall C (PRE-REG) Staff Sense: Make and Take Glen 203 Writers Workshop using Indigenous Perspectives Macleod Hall B (PRE-REG) Literacy & Numeracy through Land-Based Learning Off-Site - Location in Description Games to Connect Literacy and Math Macleod Hall E1 Strength Based Approaches for Mental Health in the Elementary Classroom Glen 204 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Nature Play Risks and Rewards CANCELLED Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Bring Food Sustainability to Life Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Young Computational Thinkers: Unplugged Coding in K-6 Telus 109


Have You Shifted Your Monkey Today? Macleod Hall A Revive a School, Save a Community Macleod Hall E2 The Things We Say --Leading Teacher Learning Ideation 1 Authentic Performance Tasks in Kindergarten Telus 105 Is This for Marks? Changing the Assessment Culture in a High School Classroom Macleod Hall E3 Helping Stressed-Out Overachievers Imperial 3 How to work with students with ADHD Imperial 2 Classroom Design; Not Just a Seating Arrangement Telus 110 Growing Up Professional Ideation 4 S.O.S. (Survival, Organization, and Success) – Strategies for Beginning Teachers Glen 208 The World Needs More Thinkers: Using Thinking Routines to Develop Understanding and Deepen Student Learning in Grade 3 Telus 107 Les 15 enseignements du tipi et les enseignements sacrés Imperial 5 Des pistes de décollage et des filets de sauvetage: mettre en oeuvre les meilleures pratiques pour enseigner l’écriture Macleod Hall E4 La lecture guidée à chaque journée! Glen 205 Our Journey navigating school-wide initiative of Positive Behaviour Intervention Supports (PBIS) Imperial 7 Increasing Student Resilience Macleod Hall D You've Got to Connect! Building Relationships to Motivate, Engage and Encourage Students Telus 101/102 Reading Fair: Sparking Passion for Books Telus 103 Oh the Math that They`ll Know - Kindergarten Math Games Glen 206 Teacher Exchange - Australia CoLab(Former Telus 111) Fresh Ideas for Awards and Recognition in Your School and Athletics Program Imperial 9 Nature and your brain: Why children need risky outdoor play Glen 209 People, Parts and Processes: LGBTQ2S+ Inclusive Sexuality Education Telus 104 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: My Future is Wild Off-Site - Location in Description Discovering the Invisible – Infrared and Ultraviolet Telus 106 Topics in Modern Physics Imperial 8 Rejections of Liberalism - Helping to Understand Extremist Sentiments Imperial 1 Human Library Glen 201/202
Friday, February 21



Instructional Leadership to Optimize Student Learning and Staff Development Telus 110 Supervision and Evaluation - What Teachers Need to Know about the New Standards and Evaluation Policy Imperial 4 Taking Assessment From Average to Awesome Macleod Hall E1 Equity and Inclusion in Schools: Reflections for Educators Telus 105 Harbouring Hope | honing the gift of hanging on Imperial 7 Spice Up Your Second-Language - Tried & True Tricks From Sign Language, Spanish & French Classrooms Telus 103 What Families are Saying About your Home Reading Supports CoLab(Former Telus 111) Full Circle—Understanding Social Implications of Indigenous Realities Macleod Hall A Accès à la lecture: l’enseignement efficace de la lecture au primaire Ideation 2/3 Let's Talk About Identity, Power & Privilege Imperial 5 Make Me a Maker- Fostering a Maker Mentality in Your School Imperial 1 President Schilling Unplugged Exhibition Hall E Building Math Fluency: An Introduction to Singapore Math Glen 204 Counting Collections: Developing Understanding of Numbers Glen 203 Démystifions l’estimation, 2e à 6e Macleod Hall E4 Dice + Patterns +Art = Student Engagement and Creativity Glen 206 Strength-Based Approaches for Elementary Math Students Telus 109 Build a Moral Conscience in Your Students Ideation 4 Heart-based Meditation in a Classroom Setting Telus 108 How to teach "that" kid (Part 2) Imperial 8 Permaculture- designs & solutions from classroom to kitchen table Glen 201 The Parent Connection: Bridging the Gap Between Home and School Glen 208 The Amazing Race – Nutrition Edition! Glen 209 Elves, Orcs, Hobbits and the Meaning of Life According to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Theological Investigation of Middle Earth Telus 106 Astronomy through an Indigenous Lens Macleod Hall E2 Make a splash in your class! Meaningful Water Education and Action Projects Telus 101/102 Effectively ‘teaching’ writing for Social Studies Telus 104 Social Studies and Data Analysis Imperial 2 Active Bodies, Thriving Brains: how movement fuels mental health Glen 202 The Highs and Lows of Taking a Leave of Absence Imperial 3 Design Thinking for Innovation - A Locally Developed Course Imperial 6 Inspired Learning! Teaching for Conceptual Understanding through Sustained Inquiry Macleod Hall D (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Nature Journaling through Destination Africa Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Canadian Landscape à la Ted Harrison Telus 107 (PRE-REG) Science Communication: Stories in the Classroom Macleod Hall B (PRE-REG) Bullet Journaling- The Basics and Beyond Glen 205 Supporting Grieving Children & Teens in our Classrooms: Creating Compassionate Communities Macleod Hall E3 (PRE-REG) iFLY STEM High School Program - Taking learning to a new height! Off-Site - Location in Description What you always wanted to know about bringing your band to a Band Festival Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness - An introduction to the possibilities this type of programming has to offer! Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Health and Physical Education Institute in Canmore Off-Site - Location in Description (PRE-REG) Adobe After Effects in the Classroom Off-Site - Location in Description


The Principal's Role in Teacher Induction Telus 110 Outcomes Based Gradebooks Telus 104 (PRE-REG) Chop Chop, Knife Skills Anyone? Upper Select Board Room 3D Design and 3D Printing in the Elementary and Jr High Option Classroom Imperial 9 We are all teachers of ELL: Supporting English Language Learners in Content Areas Glen 209 Discipline Based Task Design 101 Macleod Hall E1 Attracting New and Diverse Students with Popular Music Education Imperial 3 Bringing Indigenous Perspectives to K- 8 Readers through Balanced Literacy Glen 206 Indigenous Alberta—The Footsteps of Our Ancestors Macleod Hall A Making Learning Visible: Photographing and Co-Creating Learning Stories Macleod Hall E2 Teacher and Administrator Exchanges- 2 Week and 1 Year Exchanges Ideation 1 The Power of Play - Engaging Learners of All Ages Imperial 1 E-Liability 2.0: Mitigating Risk in the Digital Age Imperial 4 The Future is Female: Preparing Girls AND Boys for the Next Decade Ideation 4 It’s Lit - Hip-Hop Literary Device Workshops Macleod Hall C (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Numeracy in Pandas Off-Site - Location in Description Appuyer les élèves en difficultés en mathématiques Ideation 2/3 Data Science in Elementary School Imperial 2 Focus on Subtraction: from Intuition to Mastery Glen 203 La corde à linge à la rescousse des maths, 4e à 8e Macleod Hall E4 Math 15: A Course that Helps Students Transition from Math 9 to Math 10C Imperial 5 Setting Your Kindergarten Students Up for Math Success Glen 204 Live your reality and help others live theirs Glen 201 Using Easy-Reader Novels to Teach Second Languages Telus 108 Nutrition Myth-Busting Telus 105 Prevention of Tobacco and Vaping Use: An Evidence-Based Approach Glen 208 Imagining the Dragon: Unlocking Archetypal Themes in Popular Music and the Bible Telus 106 Bringing Social 8 to Life PART 2 Telus 103 Hey, That's Not Fair! Students Take Action for Democracy Telus 101/102 Individualized report cards and parent emails in minutes! Imperial 8 Canada’s New Food Guide: Taking it to the Classroom Glen 202 Creating Calm in the Centre of Chaos | learning to breathe deeply while gasping for air Imperial 7 The Foundations of Literacy: What do I need to consider when building my literacy program with a focus on reading? CoLab(Former Telus 111) (PRE-REG) Digitally Literate Changemakers: Supporting Student-Driven Solutions to Real-World Problems Telus 109 (PRE-REG) Curling 101 Off-Site - Location in Description


Your Time is Precious - The Importance of Formative Assessment Glen 208 Magical Manor - Breakout Telus 105 Beginner Guitar Pedagogy...How to Start Young Players Correctly Imperial 3 Finding Our Way in Indigenous Education: Connecting Hearts and Minds Macleod Hall B Incorporating Indigenous Content into your Everyday Classroom Imperial 4 Indigenous Content in the New Teaching Quality Standards—Moving from Inspiring to Requiring Macleod Hall A Making an Innovator - How to Encourage Innovative Risk-taking Imperial 6 Thinking About Learning - Metacognition and Mindfulness Imperial 1 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: The One and Only Ivan; how stories stimulate inquiry Off-Site - Location in Description How to Avoid Death by Shakespeare Glen 209 Solid Roots, Strong Readers: Reading Remediation in the Early Elementary Classroom Ideation 2/3 PRISM - Professionals respecting Individual Sexual and Gender Minorities Imperial 5 Parler comme un mathématicien, 5e à 9e Macleod Hall E4 Teaching Math and Science with Data Science and Computational Thinking Imperial 2 Technology in the Math Classroom | a look at Casio graphing calculators Imperial 7 Developing Emotional Resilience Ideation 4 Technology in the Second Language Classroom Telus 108 From Susa to the Seam: An Exploration of the Experience of Exile in the lives of Esther and Katniss Telus 106 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Animal Health and Happiness Off-Site - Location in Description The “Mess” is the test! How hands-on science lets students show their learning Glen 204 Bringing Canadian History to Life! Telus 103 Forever in Blue Jeans: Teaching Ideas for Industrialization, Globalization and Collectivism Telus 101/102 Competitive Gaming and School Culture Macleod Hall E2 Participation for All in the Classroom and on the Playground (Part 1) Glen 202 Understanding and supporting students with Test Anxiety Telus 104 Guide to success: Sustaining inquiry through focused feedback Macleod Hall D Imaginez... un modèle d’approche collaborative pour la réussite de tous les élèves! CANCELLED Ideation 1 (PRE-REG) POP ART: PRINTMAKING FOR THE YOUNG ARTISTS Telus 107 Bouge et lis Imperial 9 Mental Math for Multiplication and Division = Fractions and Decimals! Imperial 8 (PRE-REG) Calgary Zoo: Discover BirdSleuth and Other Citizen Science Opportunities from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Off-Site - Location in Description Design Challenges for High School Physics Telus 110 (PRE-REG) What's in a Name? Fostering a Sense of Belonging Through The Wonder of Names Glen 201 La gestion de classe et la motivation scolaire avec l’outil Classcraft Glen 203 (PRE-REG) Bullet Journaling- Kicking Things Up a Notch Glen 205 Aider nos élèves en deuil : Créer des communautés bienveillantes dans nos classes Macleod Hall E3 Connect to your Calm Glen 206 Drug Education: An Ongoing Elephant in the Room Macleod Hall E1